Email is the most used communication tool. The average business email user spends nearly 30% of their day working in their email client (or browser-based equivalent). Email use will increase and become the focal point for integrating various types of communication and business processes.

Since most non-spam emails are welcome and read, it is highly worthwhile for any organisation to consider what impression they create in their e-comms and what additional elements could prove useful either to the recipient or the sender. pixelmint can support your email marketing – an email strategy review could cover the following:

Consistent branding throughout your company

Variable (content) messaging

Client/Prospect/Candidate messaging

Promotions, product launches, incentives, events

Departmental links – technical, HR, press updates

Industry news – topical matters, trends, legislation

Polls and surveys

Integration with other comms media, web site, social media, landing pages, micro sites

Links to rich media from document downloads to hosted video

What you can achieve in email is hugely varied. There are times when simply branded email is the only appropriate device. At other times email provides precisely the right medium to hand deliver messages that interest, amuse, thrill, prompt, remind or challenge the recipient. Email can form a significant part of your relationship management and communication programme.

Email support could include:

Email branding

We can design a corporate email header or footer that will be applied at server level. Multiple email designs can be produced for different key personnel/departments, as required.

Product or Service-led Email

These emails are specifically targeted on one or a number of products or services which actually feature in the email and take users direct to an enquiry page.

Press Release Email

This is typically a header and footer email that allows you to reach clients quickly and easily with up to date information about your services. This email typically links directly to a full article on your web site.

Campaign Email

A campaign email is much more graphically appealing and has a ‘wow’ factor. It is used to highlight a specific piece of information which should link to a web site ‘wow’ page that matches the campaign and helps further explain the product or service.

Email Contact Database

We can also help with the age old problem of maintaining a clean database of clients and prospects. After all, a poorly maintained database leads to ever increasing inefficiency and distorts management information. We can advise on implementing a list building strategy or purchasing relevant email addresses for specific campaigns.